Clean water is an essential to stay healthy and fit. When we talk about health, a balanced diet and regular exercise are not only the factors but a high quality shower water is also required. After a fresh and safe shower will not only get rid of contaminants, but your body feels better and more rejuvenating. There are various positive outcomes of filtered water; this helps in maintain healthy skin and health. When you use filter water, there are various problem from which you may be get rid of like skin rashes and it helps in preventing from various health hazard diseases like cancer of bladder.

Bacteria on dirty shower heads could cause sickness, especially in weak immune systems:

There are serious threats to your body and weakens the immune system of your body if the quality of water is not improved. It is believed that the water that reaches after municipal treatment in our household is free from bacteria but it is full of a disinfectant called chlorine.

your body and weakens the immune system

Why You Need to Use Shower Water Filtration System----

1> Increased Risk of Certain Types of Cancer: - It is highly important to use a shower water filtration system. If the water is not clean or unfit to use then are risks of various kind of cancer which includes kidney cancer, cancer of bladder and rectal cancer. It effects the skin causes dryness and itchiness in skin. There are also chances of premature aging which leads to stress and tension.

2> We Absorb More Chlorine through Showering than Through Drinking Water: - More chlorine enters the body through dermal absorption and inhalation while showering than through drinking tap water. Studies reveal that exposure to vaporized chemicals in water through showering, bathing and inhalation. Studies reveal that chlorinated water causes corrosion of the teeth, inflammation of the mucous membranes of the nose, and increased susceptibility to tuberculosis and pneumonia.

We Absorb More Chlorine through Showering than Through Drinking Water

3> Hair and Skin Problems: -
The unfiltered or hard water creates lots of problems to hair and skin. The skin gets affected and there are chances of skin rashes and allergic problems to skin. There are chances of itchiness in skin and makes the skin dry. It is logically tested that chlorine kills germs and bacteria but we usually go for warm shower which makes absorption easier and causes chronic skin and lungs diseases. Chemicals in the shower may harm the skin microbiome and irritate the skin.

4> Deadly Hazard of Chlorinated Water in Your Shower:-
Most of the people think that chlorinated water kills germs, bacteria and other organisms. But chlorine is the disinfectant that readily passes the body cells. The human body is composed of billion of cells and when the body comes under the contact with the chlorinated water it results into deadly health hazard diseases.  Chlorine not only absorbed by the body but gets inhaled into the body through lungs and enters into blood stream. It is assumed that there are chances of severe issues or problems of chlorinated water in your shower than the normal drinking water.

Advantages of Water Filtration System:
As we all know unfiltered water causes an adverse effect on the health especially on our skin, hair and lungs. So there are various benefits of using water filtration system. It helps in softening of skin, improves the texture of hair and get rid of various respiratory airborne diseases.  Using filtered water reduces the chance of exposure of your skin to chemicals and pollutants. Your body is able to retain the moisture which results in making your skin soft and smother. Clean and clear water reduces the fatigue caused in body which ultimately prevents the body from various chronic diseases caused due to obesity.

Advantages of Water Filtration System

Conclusion: Water is the most important substance; most of our body is made up of water.  Safe neat and clean water is must for a healthy diet but shower filter water is just as important as drinking water. Our body absorbs more chlorine and chemicals that you can actually drink. That is why there is an urgent need of having a water filtration system that improves the shower water quality.